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Peter Wang


Business Development
Asia Pacific (HK, CN, TW)
Senior Blockchain Advisor at UCF Group; Founder & CEO at Colorledger Ltd.

With over 20 years of experience in a wide range of advisory roles, Peter is leading enterprises to adopt new technologies and creating new revenue stream in different aspects, including but not limited to fintech, blockchain and investment strategies for several listed companies in Asia Pacific Regions including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan Singapore and South Eastern Asia. During his career, Peter served as a VP Operations for Sino Resource Mining corporation (HK); Head of Business Development at Roly International Holding (HK); Strategic Planner at eBay (CN); Consultant for ABN AMRO BANK (Shanghai).

Our mission is to create experiences that reach millions and even billions, but seem to speak only to you. We call this effect mass intimacy. The smarter, braver work that results from this approach brings people closer to our clients’ businesses, gets them to care, and urges them to take action. Because great work is only great if it reaps results.

In an increasingly networked and transparent world, a brand’s appeal, and ultimate loyalty, is as much dependent on how it behaves as the quality of the products it offers. Millennials and the 2K generation behind them are ever more interested in what companies are doing to demonstrate alignment with their values.

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We are a creative company that puts people at the center of everything we do. We work with both clients and
consumers in an atmosphere of honesty and truth, wiping away preconceptions and learning together.


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