Inspiration Revolution
and Zoozbit

Our story

It all began in May 2016… A group of senior traders with years of experience on the regulated financial markets is fascinated by the Blockchain Revolution and its impact on the financial industry. The possibilities seem endless as emerging cryptocurrencies are quickly embracing the newly formed technological landscape. A new World Order/Movement is born…and the people are in charge.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, we conducted in-depth research to identify the key players of this new market, analyze their products and evaluate their trading tools.

The discovery is shocking. The competitive landscape is scattered across an array of ever-growing crypto-trading platforms offering only very complex products with limited access to trading tools themselves.

The dissonance between the Blockchain technology’s main advantages (speed, transparency, reduced cost) and the disorganized environment of crypto-trading meant the only expert could attempt to navigate these dark waters. Albeit not before having invested a lot of time and effort in understanding this complex monster.

This was simply unsustainable and would limit the Revolution’s outreach to exclude less tech-savvy users and the masses.s a crypto bank but as a financial ecosystem. From where its slogan …





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